Katie Dell Bridal Designs




how much are the dresses

The bridal collection starts at £900. They are designed by Katie in house and all dresses are produced in the UK either by herself or a London manufacturer.

what can i expect from an appointment

By having a 90 minute appointment, it will allow plenty of time for the bride to work with Katie in picking out various styles to try on and get a basic idea of what you are looking for.

Together you can design your dream dress, changing fabrics and merging different style. If you have any imagery of dresses you have seen or like, please bring them along as this is a great starting point, However we do encourage the brides to try on styles that they may have not thought about, sometimes this just might be The dress.

what size are your samples

The samples we hold are a standard size 10, with a few size 12. We can make the sizes larger or smaller so the bride can get a picture of how it would look.

Boutiques who stock Katie Dell will also have certain size ranges - so please get in contact with them to check

how many guests are allowed in the appointment

At Katie Dell we ask if you can bring 2 guests maximum. This is for various reasons. firstly we feel that picking out your wedding dress is incredibly hard and so to have a select few of trusting people there makes a huge difference and secondly the atelier is a working studio and so unfortunately there is not a huge amount of space for more than 2 guests,

how many fittings will i need

Fitting appointments always vary. Your 1st appointment with us is to try various styles on, we can take measurements there and then or you may return at a more convenient time,

2nd appointment will be to try on the toile - this is a mock up of the chosen dress- to check fittings. Depending on if you are planning on losing extreme weight, we would recommend final toile fittings to be done as late as possible, then when the final dress is made there should be minimal alterations. If further weight is lost after this stage, we will unfortunately have to charge per hour for alterations.

when should i order a dress

Dresses that are made to measure should be ordered between at least 6-12 months before the wedding. We can accommodate brides who order under 6 months however a 25% order fee will incur as this will be classed as a rush order.

If you are buying a sample or a dress we have in stock, and being altered out of house then this fee will be wavered.

where else can i order 

You can order from any boutiques who stock Katie Dell, please click here to see the full list.

do you offer refunds

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds. The initial deposit is non-refundable and each dress is made to measure and so a specific fit for that bride, making it an unique size.

You may have as many appointments as you need before finally deciding, we do not like pushing brides to make decisions, so when you do make one we know its the right one.

Yes we do, however only on standard sizes. Please get in contact for further information and delivery charges.

do you deliver internationally

Regrettably we do not allow photographs to be taking in initial appointments, this is due to brides scrutinising over un-flattering angles and it is not a clear picture of what she would look like on her wedding day. So again we ask you to make further appointments to come back in and try the dress on again with friends and family to show them. We do have all items on the website so you can refer them to these if you need any detail shots.

Once your order is placed, you may take as many photographs of the dress and process of fittings as you wish.

Can i take photographs